Night is still same and boring, but I want too see you again…


GH, 9 November 2015
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End of orange jellyfish


Kalaulah masa boleh diputar kembali

Aku tidak mahu bertemu dengannya sama sekali
atau kalau berjumpapun,
aku tidak mahu terfikir untuk bercakap dengannya,
atau terfikir untuk melabelkan mukanya sebagai indah
atau kalaupun aku bertemu dan terpesona dengannya,
aku tidak patut berkata-kata atau bertegur sapa dengannya
tak patut aku mengingatinya siang dan malam
pagi dan petang
alangkah bodohnya aku pada waktu itu
alangkah singkatnya pandanganku.

Aku sang obor-obor oren,

obor-obor yang mengejar mustahil
obor-obor yang ditikam, dilupakan, dan
tidak lama lagi
aku akan hilang.

Obor-obor sekalian,
kamu tidak patut mengejar siapa-siapa
kalaulah balasannya sebegini pilu
harapnya aku boleh bersemadi dalam dasar laut yang kelam
dan harapnya hatiku juga bersemadi dan tenang jua…

GH, 5 November 2015

Little Heart of Princess #20 – Moíra’s puppet

“What’s wrong with him?” Leo asked herself. She didn’t foreseen this outcome. She thought that their life became comfortable enough with difficult tasks as commoners, and she already forgot about her royal life. Although she didn’t perform her jobs that splendid, she felt some satisfactions through Ira’s nonstop praises for her efforts. His sweat and tanned skin from labour works by himself before made her change her way of life. From did nothing, into did something. From grieved with her parents’s decision, became an independent person without care of her past. She decided to become a person whose can do something by herself and help that man. Either Moira or not, that’s not why she felt upset. She’s already prepared to face a Moira since a long time ago. Since she got her title as heaven’s child at 10. But, what’s wrong with this man?

Ira slept all day in Leaf’s relative inn. He won’t anything. A day already passed from his meeting with Ouranos. His status already exposed to her. Prince Ouranos told her everything without mercy. His efforts and plans with Princess Alionora became crumbled. His mind blanked. He continued to snuggle in his bed, covered with sheets and blanket like a worm. Everything was finished. Bye bye Leo. He will part with his princess too soon. Suddenly, someone knocked his door politely. He called his name. “Ira! Ira!” Maybe he became delusion out of his frustration. No one should find him now. Door knock sound gradually became stronger and harder. “MOIRAAAA!!!!!!! Open this door, NOW!!!!!!!!!” Ira spontaneously jumped out of his bed and rushed out from his room. He didn’t see anyone, except an innkeeper, stood outside of his room. He’s not mistaken about that voice and harsh way to call people. He wanted to step out to look at him, and that innkeeper grabbed his shoulder. “Ira, please hold for a moment.” Ira released his hand from his shoulder. “No, I’ve to look for someone first. Let’s save our talk later, Uncle. I don’t have more time to spend now.” “Alright, before that, please take this kid too. He already knocked several room doors and my customers have complaints about it.” Innkeeper pulled a kid, Ouranos and left him with Ira. “Take care of your kid and wife properly, young man. I knew that it’s difficult to have a family at your age.”

“Heaven’s child, unlike your title, you did have a naughty child attitude. Since when I became your father, quack child?” Ouranos’s face turned into bright red when he heard that. Then, he tried to suppressed his anger. He held Ira’s right hand and gave him a letter. “I’ll leave first, Moira. You already acted like a Moira. I’ll save your insult later, Puppeteer.” Ira got weird feeling about Ouranos’s mocking, he opened that letter. After he read it, a sense of regret has float into his heart, due to another misunderstanding.

“Dear Moira,

Your way to pay back for my past sins has quite weird. However, I won’t denied that I used to make people became my puppets. Now, I understood about your treatment to me. Do not worry, I will cooperate with you because that is my responsibility. However, please do not involved another heaven’s child for my punishment. He’s not guilty. Let me become your puppet, and set him free. Please listen to my request, as a sister. Actually, it’s been a long time I’ve waited for you and your punishment, as expected. You made me wait for a very long time.


Little Heart of Princess #19 – Moíra’s descendant

Children of Heavens were title of royalties that cannot become king or queen, but be granted by supreme ruler, as main protection, well-being, and avoid them to manipulate by another royalties. For examples, Princess Alionora cannot became a queen due to her status as adopted child of current king and queen, and Prince Ouranos for another issues. This title was sign of ultimate affection of supreme ruler towards his relatives. Therefore, Children of Heaven were treated with utmost care, respect, and fear by another royalties and citizens. Their grieve and rage also became king and queen’s too. No one would dare to against them.

However, excluding king and queen, castle got another hidden party whose may sentence or control Children of Heavens if necessary. They have to risk their lives to protect Children of Heavens too as their ancestors’s pledge of loyalty toward past king. Their ancestors and past kings had agreed on not to force their pledge towards their heirs. It’s already 3 generations of Moira, stayed in silent and been forgotten. Suddenly, a Moira actually existed besides herself, all along. Leo, or Princess Alionora, became silent. She left Ira and Ouranos in cabin and stepped out. Ira fell into silence too. Before this, he’s looking forward to entertain and buy many things for Leo.

“What’s wrong with you, heaven’s child? During of all times we got, why should you tell her now? You just met her, why don’t you take your time to tell her?” Ira, asked Ouranos, with stern face. Ouranos smiled as mocking him. “Moira, you knew that I’ve followed you since Alionora chased out from castle, right? You never did anything at all about it. You didn’t exercised your rights, so it’s up to me.”

At that moment, Leo sat on a chopped wood alone. A heaven’s child should be feared of a Moira. Oppositely, she felt disbelief. A warm and diligent man, whose taught her of many unknown things lately, that confessed his feeling through a silly letter, pulled many carts of dung together, became her master, and now … a Moira?

Little Heart of Princess #18 – Heaven’s Fate

“It’s been a long time after people called me that too.” A small 10 years kid that hugged by Leo replied her back. His hair was pitch black, short, and soft, his eyes was emerald, big and bright. Like Leo’s eyes. But, Leo got grey hair as contradicted with him. Ira was shocked too, by different reason. After he’s released from her hug, Ouranos pulled her hand and moved out from crowds, and gave his signal to Ira to follow him too.

Inside of cabin that near with village border, Ira knelt down in front of Ouranos. “Forgive me, I’m sorry, Children of Heaven.” Leo felt rage with Ira stuttering. “It’s fine, Ira. I am not a royalty anymore. Don’t call me that title,” she’s replied. “Please don’t mad at him, Alionora. You must knew that you’re not banished from castle, yet.” Ouranos looked at Leo and calmed her down. “No, His Majesty threw me out for good.” Leo replied. “He declared him, a plebeian as castle servant, as my master, Ouranos. His intention was real.” Ouranos looked at his sibling’s face. “Stand up, plebeian, you can’t kneel down anymore after this. A royalty has became your slave. Your position was not ordinary anymore. I knew that has something up to His Majesty’s sleeve. Let me discover that first.” Ouranos gave his order firmly to Ira. Ira has stood up. Suddenly, he interested with something on Ira’s hand. “What is that?”  He pointed his finger to delicious aroma that came from it. “This is local snacks, from this village, Children of Heaven.”

“Ira, please drop that Children of Heaven thing. You’ve already called her Leo. Why not you call me something like that? How about Ou? I like it, too. Call me Ou.” Ira felt little drawback for a moment by his suggestion. Ouranos already knew it. “Ok, let be fair. I knew that by appointed yourself as her master, His Majesty granted you a title, like both of us, am I right?” Leo felt disturbed with Ouranos statement. “Really, Ouranos? I didn’t have any idea about that.” “You don’t have to” Ouranos cutted his speech with a familiar word to Leo. “It’s ok, Moíra. I think that I love to call that title.” Consequently, Leo’s face became pale when she heard that word.

Little Heart of Princess #17 – Children of Heaven

On their way back to their home after their strenuous days as mentally and physically, Ira decided to stop at a village that has distance around 2 days by walking from their home. Their horse already returned back to it’s owner that wanted to offer them to stay, but already rejected politely due to -you know what happened- before. Therefore, their way back already more difficult, because they had no transportation and needed to use safe routes that have greater distance. Ira bare his thought to Leo. “Leo, let us have a rest for today. We’re already finished our task earlier, and Leaf asked us to spend our rest at his relative’s inn. Leo’s face became brighter after heard his words.

After they slept and ate, Ira led Leo to take little venture on that village. Actually, Leaf have some additional incentives on Leo because she have shown her hard efforts instead of her inexperience on rough tasks. However, he didn’t give money to Leo directly. For some hidden reasons, Leaf encouraged Ira to spend his time with her and buy her anything necessary using this incentives. They walked together in flea market. “Ira, I don’t want to spend this money,” Leo voiced out her opinion. Ira looked at her disinterested face. He knew that she’s just not in her mood about everything. He left her to walk aimlessly by herself. He continued to look around. Leo’s mind wandered of again.

“Princess!!!” Leo was quite shock with a loud shout from crowds. She’s got a cold sweat from that call. “Who’s that? It’s been a long time, but why has somebody in this village had to recognise me?” She mumbled to herself. Finally, a clear and cute voice already reached her from her back. “Princess, it’s me. Didn’t you remember me?” Slowly, she turned around to look at it’s owner. It’s became weird because she didn’t see anyone around. “Lower your gaze, princess.” Then, she smiled at owner of that voice. She recognised him. “It’s been a long time, Ouranós. You made me scared to death just now.” “You already a grown up, princess.” A kid around his 10 years old that called Ouranós smiled brightly at her. She lower her stance and hugged him, with her tears fell down, without any hesitation. Inside of busy crowds. In front of Ira that just detected her presence among crowds. “Heaven’s child, you met me again. Thank you, my brother.”

Little Heart of Princess #16 – I’m the only one

“You’re crazy! You wanted to go through all of that stupid moments again? Without any reward? What?!!!!” Princess Alionora have shouted loudly and glared at him that moment. She slapped him after she listened his next explanation without further ado. After that, that pitiful and thin young man were stripped out from his position as soldier and kicked out from castle.

That memory still lingered in her heart. Memory that burdened her heart so much. Additionally, no one in that castle missed that story, including a humble servant.

Ira looked at a woman that went through crumbled heart multiple times. She sat and seemed lifeless after she met man that received their delivery item. He felt torment to look at his companion anymore. Especially, he knew her exact reason. Reason that led him to pity and fall a little for her. He cannot bare with her condition anymore.


Leo felt shock with that slap. A slap from a man that treated her properly before this, although she didn’t like him that much. “Hey, what’re you doing? I’m hurt!” She felt her cheek in pain after a strong slap from Ira. “What’s wrong with you, Ira? Are you mad? How could a man slap a woman?” Then, she replied his spontaneous action with a strong punch. On cheek, as double payback. She got mad and stood up. Then, she shook his shoulder. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you felt anything when you saw a helpless woman like now? Why?!!!!!!! Tell me!” She shouted and cried her heart out.

Ira, a man that has just punched by a heartbroken woman, smiled at her. “It’s your fault. But, it’s fine already. Let’s go, Leo.” He offered his hand to Leo. She grabbed his hand with a confused expression. Weird. Ira giggled. ” Don’t think too much, Leo. You should think about me only. For now, we’re friends, right?”