Little Heart of Princess #25 – Home

“Welcome back, Your Highness.” Princess Alionora heard this greeting everywhere inside castle. Well, regardless formality or sincerity, she didn’t bother a bit at all. She spent most times at library or walking around castle by herself, without any accompany as her request. For weeks after revelation by Ira, she spent no time to meet and converse with her parents, even after a long time of their separation. King and Queen could not bother with her. They knew their child very well. Prince Ouranos too, exactly because he’s main reason for her behavior.

Ira met Princess Alionora right after she left library. She looked at Ira as he knelt down without any expression. Ira started his intention. “Your Highness, may I inquire your explanation about your silence since your arrival, here?” You gave everyone grim vibe.”

Princess felt sharp throb with his question. She walked away after replied softly and slowly. “What should I do, when I don’t feel like home at all.”


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