Little Heart of Princess #24 – Changed standings

“You’re not pledged, Moira? Nonsense!” Leo’s shouting at Ira. “It’s nonsense, an aristos didn’t enter any pledge ceremony yet. Any pledged aristocrats, with their own comfortable position and responsibility will take any chance to raise up their ranks to become more powerful and rich. And you’re not a pledged one, yet?” Ira looked at Leo’s disbelief and angry face. “I knew that you won’t trust me right away, that’s why I didn’t force myself to explain everything to you. Actually, if Ouranos didn’t tell you everything, you won’t have to worry about everything at all.”

Leo became calm after she listened that. Confusing, stupid, retaliating, crazy, displeased, cheated, and many more feelings were mixed up altogether. “Your Highness, I won’t further my explanation. You’ll become more disbelieve with my story. You’ll learn more after this. Our standings have changed, Your Highness. After all, I’ve failed on my mission, right now.” Leo frown. She didn’t have any idea with what Ira’s meant at the end, until …

Ira’s immediately stand up from his seat and walked into main door. “Your Highness, I believed that this person is more suitable to explain everything to you, Your Highness, everything about our current situation. My role has finished here. Forgive me for my insolence, Your Highness.” Then, he invited an elder into their house. They walked in front of Leo,  knelt down, and bowed their head. She knew him before. “Head attendant, Mister Varmajn?”

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