Little Heart of Princess #23 – Unpledged

Once again, Ira or should be aware as Moira, were having discussion with his accompany, or officially a forced enslaved princess from her own father, a king, Alionora or known as Leo, after they cleared up their awkward feelings, due to Ouranos’s exposure about Ira’s status. They’re currently in their own house after a long and exhausted trip. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Especially to Leo. And Ira has become aware with her situation. She got a shocking reunion and another sudden revelation during this trip. “And no turning back, or start anew this time,” Ira kept his thought for himself.

“So, what will happen with us, right now? Before this, when I want to discuss about our situation, you said that we should resume our journey and rest properly,” Leo expressed her opinion, then she continued. “Before that, I want to know some truths from yourself. Am I still the one you have fall in love, or not? Your letter content was fake or not? Secondly, you’re a Moira, right? I knew some clauses from our constitution, I meant, royalty’s constitution about Moira and us, Alionora and Ouranos, as your ancestors’ pledged before. I am not …”

“You’re right, Your Royal Highness. Actually, His and Her Majesty had forced their way to change your problem. All of that were personal orders, not formal one. They wanted to do something about you, before you can’t return anymore. Let’s say, my confession was one of my failed trials to catch your attention,” Ira explained his role, without any denial. “However, I was not entrusted this task as a Moira, Your Highness. This is not related to my responsibility as Moira at all, though, it’s true that I’m one of Moira descendants.”

“Why not? And took a roundabout way to force me out? You can punish us, or order us with anything. It’s more efficient.” Ira cut her speech immediately. “Yes, like that efficient way will heal your broken soul, Your Highness?”

Ira raised his head firmly towards Leo, and said that without any hesitance. “Before that, let me tell you something as a Moira’s, Your Highness, I cannot bring any of Moira’s practices as my ancestors did. Why? I’m the one that did not enter any pledge’s ceremony, yet.”


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