Little Heart of Princess #21 – It’s nothing

Leo felt a bit nervous about her action before. Why did she thought about that silly idea? She was joking with Ouranos… about how she would like to send a letter to Ira and solve their issues… Suddenly, Ouranos looked very delightful with her spontaneous idea, and volunteered himself as sender. One of her major weaknesses, she can’t bear to lose his excited face with her rejection. Now, she’s waited for him. For his reply.

Ira read her letter. Ouranos already left him after he’s fulfilled his satisfaction to look at Ira’s face became horrible due to his teasing. “She’s overthinking about me again,” he mumbled by himself.

Leo ate by herself. Innkeeper provided her breakfast for two. “I never order both of this, Mister.” He looked at her and smiled. “Don’t worry young lady, this is your husband request. “What? No.. no.. he is…” Leo cannot finished her words when she heard chair’s creaking.

Ira took his seat in front of Leo and started to eat his portion without any greeting. After they have finished their meals, he grabbed her hand and took her out. She just followed his steps without any complaint too. As they’re reached at a park which has located at south village. Then, they’re seated comfortably, facing each other.

Ira started to speak. “Leo, I’ve read your letter. I knew that you’re still mad at me. Yes, I’m a Moira, but our current circumstance has nothing to do with my position. I can admit that some Moiras loved to toy with royalties…” Leo cut his words, “Actually, I knew it.” Ira seemed disbelief. “But, how about that letter? You are exaggerating,” he asked her. “I wrote that letter, to satisfy my brother’s desire. He won’t leaving at all if he saw us without issues and looked peaceful. I knew him because he’s been with me since a long time.”

Ira became …. speechless.



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