Little Heart of Princess #22 – Ouranos, a royalty

“Where is His Royal Highness, Grizaj?” asked head attendant to official attendant of Prince Ouranos. Grizaj, a young man with dark skin, looked perplexed with his senior’s query. Actually, Prince Ouranos already gone from castle for weeks without any notification for him, except a small note with message on his pillow, “Please cover for me, I’ll get you some snacks as reward. I’ll gone for a while, okay?” Coincidentally, this strict head attendant got to accompany King and Queen for field works for weeks too before. Therefore, his prince took things for granted leisurely, away from castle for a while too…

“Grizaj, don’t tell me that …” before head attendant had opportunity to finish his statement, Grizaj confessed to him first. “Please, Mister, don’t be mad at me. He was left before I knew anything.” Head attendant seemed displeased with current situation. “Why didn’t you notify my assistant, Grizaj? You’re that afraid with His Royal Highness again?” Grizaj looked down to earth after he listened that sentence. Afraid? No, anyone which had acquaintance with Prince Ouranos won’t just afraid, it’s more to terror. However, he can’t explained that situation to head attendant. Suddenly …

“Mister Varmajn, would you please to let him go? That was my fault to begin with,” a proud and well known child’s voice surrounded that meeting room on attendant’s headquarters. Everyone there were looking at owner’s voice, and bowed as sign of respect to royalty.  When he raised his head, Mister Varmajn spoke out his opinion “Forgive me, Your Highness, but, no matter what, he got his own responsibility to report us, especially when a royalty left castle without any early notification to royal security and of course, His Majesty and Her Majesty were not keen with your way too, Your Highness. They’re waited to meet Your Highness, right now. As his punishment, I will overlook for it, if Your Highness would consider to ease their heart burden, as soon as possible, Your Highness.” Prince Ouranos smiled after he listened to Mister Varmajn and gave some wrapped boxes to him. “Thanks, Uncle. I would appreciate it. Please distribute those things to all attendants. And, Ira sent his regards too.”

Then, he left attendant’s headquarters.


Little Heart of Princess #21 – It’s nothing

Leo felt a bit nervous about her action before. Why did she thought about that silly idea? She was joking with Ouranos… about how she would like to send a letter to Ira and solve their issues… Suddenly, Ouranos looked very delightful with her spontaneous idea, and volunteered himself as sender. One of her major weaknesses, she can’t bear to lose his excited face with her rejection. Now, she’s waited for him. For his reply.

Ira read her letter. Ouranos already left him after he’s fulfilled his satisfaction to look at Ira’s face became horrible due to his teasing. “She’s overthinking about me again,” he mumbled by himself.

Leo ate by herself. Innkeeper provided her breakfast for two. “I never order both of this, Mister.” He looked at her and smiled. “Don’t worry young lady, this is your husband request. “What? No.. no.. he is…” Leo cannot finished her words when she heard chair’s creaking.

Ira took his seat in front of Leo and started to eat his portion without any greeting. After they have finished their meals, he grabbed her hand and took her out. She just followed his steps without any complaint too. As they’re reached at a park which has located at south village. Then, they’re seated comfortably, facing each other.

Ira started to speak. “Leo, I’ve read your letter. I knew that you’re still mad at me. Yes, I’m a Moira, but our current circumstance has nothing to do with my position. I can admit that some Moiras loved to toy with royalties…” Leo cut his words, “Actually, I knew it.” Ira seemed disbelief. “But, how about that letter? You are exaggerating,” he asked her. “I wrote that letter, to satisfy my brother’s desire. He won’t leaving at all if he saw us without issues and looked peaceful. I knew him because he’s been with me since a long time.”

Ira became …. speechless.