Little Heart of Princess #20 – Moíra’s puppet

“What’s wrong with him?” Leo asked herself. She didn’t foreseen this outcome. She thought that their life became comfortable enough with difficult tasks as commoners, and she already forgot about her royal life. Although she didn’t perform her jobs that splendid, she felt some satisfactions through Ira’s nonstop praises for her efforts. His sweat and tanned skin from labour works by himself before made her change her way of life. From did nothing, into did something. From grieved with her parents’s decision, became an independent person without care of her past. She decided to become a person whose can do something by herself and help that man. Either Moira or not, that’s not why she felt upset. She’s already prepared to face a Moira since a long time ago. Since she got her title as heaven’s child at 10. But, what’s wrong with this man?

Ira slept all day in Leaf’s relative inn. He won’t anything. A day already passed from his meeting with Ouranos. His status already exposed to her. Prince Ouranos told her everything without mercy. His efforts and plans with Princess Alionora became crumbled. His mind blanked. He continued to snuggle in his bed, covered with sheets and blanket like a worm. Everything was finished. Bye bye Leo. He will part with his princess too soon. Suddenly, someone knocked his door politely. He called his name. “Ira! Ira!” Maybe he became delusion out of his frustration. No one should find him now. Door knock sound gradually became stronger and harder. “MOIRAAAA!!!!!!! Open this door, NOW!!!!!!!!!” Ira spontaneously jumped out of his bed and rushed out from his room. He didn’t see anyone, except an innkeeper, stood outside of his room. He’s not mistaken about that voice and harsh way to call people. He wanted to step out to look at him, and that innkeeper grabbed his shoulder. “Ira, please hold for a moment.” Ira released his hand from his shoulder. “No, I’ve to look for someone first. Let’s save our talk later, Uncle. I don’t have more time to spend now.” “Alright, before that, please take this kid too. He already knocked several room doors and my customers have complaints about it.” Innkeeper pulled a kid, Ouranos and left him with Ira. “Take care of your kid and wife properly, young man. I knew that it’s difficult to have a family at your age.”

“Heaven’s child, unlike your title, you did have a naughty child attitude. Since when I became your father, quack child?” Ouranos’s face turned into bright red when he heard that. Then, he tried to suppressed his anger. He held Ira’s right hand and gave him a letter. “I’ll leave first, Moira. You already acted like a Moira. I’ll save your insult later, Puppeteer.” Ira got weird feeling about Ouranos’s mocking, he opened that letter. After he read it, a sense of regret has float into his heart, due to another misunderstanding.

“Dear Moira,

Your way to pay back for my past sins has quite weird. However, I won’t denied that I used to make people became my puppets. Now, I understood about your treatment to me. Do not worry, I will cooperate with you because that is my responsibility. However, please do not involved another heaven’s child for my punishment. He’s not guilty. Let me become your puppet, and set him free. Please listen to my request, as a sister. Actually, it’s been a long time I’ve waited for you and your punishment, as expected. You made me wait for a very long time.