Little Heart of Princess #19 – Moíra’s descendant

Children of Heavens were title of royalties that cannot become king or queen, but be granted by supreme ruler, as main protection, well-being, and avoid them to manipulate by another royalties. For examples, Princess Alionora cannot became a queen due to her status as adopted child of current king and queen, and Prince Ouranos for another issues. This title was sign of ultimate affection of supreme ruler towards his relatives. Therefore, Children of Heaven were treated with utmost care, respect, and fear by another royalties and citizens. Their grieve and rage also became king and queen’s too. No one would dare to against them.

However, excluding king and queen, castle got another hidden party whose may sentence or control Children of Heavens if necessary. They have to risk their lives to protect Children of Heavens too as their ancestors’s pledge of loyalty toward past king. Their ancestors and past kings had agreed on not to force their pledge towards their heirs. It’s already 3 generations of Moira, stayed in silent and been forgotten. Suddenly, a Moira actually existed besides herself, all along. Leo, or Princess Alionora, became silent. She left Ira and Ouranos in cabin and stepped out. Ira fell into silence too. Before this, he’s looking forward to entertain and buy many things for Leo.

“What’s wrong with you, heaven’s child? During of all times we got, why should you tell her now? You just met her, why don’t you take your time to tell her?” Ira, asked Ouranos, with stern face. Ouranos smiled as mocking him. “Moira, you knew that I’ve followed you since Alionora chased out from castle, right? You never did anything at all about it. You didn’t exercised your rights, so it’s up to me.”

At that moment, Leo sat on a chopped wood alone. A heaven’s child should be feared of a Moira. Oppositely, she felt disbelief. A warm and diligent man, whose taught her of many unknown things lately, that confessed his feeling through a silly letter, pulled many carts of dung together, became her master, and now … a Moira?


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