Little Heart of Princess #18 – Heaven’s Fate

“It’s been a long time after people called me that too.” A small 10 years kid that hugged by Leo replied her back. His hair was pitch black, short, and soft, his eyes was emerald, big and bright. Like Leo’s eyes. But, Leo got grey hair as contradicted with him. Ira was shocked too, by different reason. After he’s released from her hug, Ouranos pulled her hand and moved out from crowds, and gave his signal to Ira to follow him too.

Inside of cabin that near with village border, Ira knelt down in front of Ouranos. “Forgive me, I’m sorry, Children of Heaven.” Leo felt rage with Ira stuttering. “It’s fine, Ira. I am not a royalty anymore. Don’t call me that title,” she’s replied. “Please don’t mad at him, Alionora. You must knew that you’re not banished from castle, yet.” Ouranos looked at Leo and calmed her down. “No, His Majesty threw me out for good.” Leo replied. “He declared him, a plebeian as castle servant, as my master, Ouranos. His intention was real.” Ouranos looked at his sibling’s face. “Stand up, plebeian, you can’t kneel down anymore after this. A royalty has became your slave. Your position was not ordinary anymore. I knew that has something up to His Majesty’s sleeve. Let me discover that first.” Ouranos gave his order firmly to Ira. Ira has stood up. Suddenly, he interested with something on Ira’s hand. “What is that?”  He pointed his finger to delicious aroma that came from it. “This is local snacks, from this village, Children of Heaven.”

“Ira, please drop that Children of Heaven thing. You’ve already called her Leo. Why not you call me something like that? How about Ou? I like it, too. Call me Ou.” Ira felt little drawback for a moment by his suggestion. Ouranos already knew it. “Ok, let be fair. I knew that by appointed yourself as her master, His Majesty granted you a title, like both of us, am I right?” Leo felt disturbed with Ouranos statement. “Really, Ouranos? I didn’t have any idea about that.” “You don’t have to” Ouranos cutted his speech with a familiar word to Leo. “It’s ok, Moíra. I think that I love to call that title.” Consequently, Leo’s face became pale when she heard that word.


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