Little Heart of Princess #17 – Children of Heaven

On their way back to their home after their strenuous days as mentally and physically, Ira decided to stop at a village that has distance around 2 days by walking from their home. Their horse already returned back to it’s owner that wanted to offer them to stay, but already rejected politely due to -you know what happened- before. Therefore, their way back already more difficult, because they had no transportation and needed to use safe routes that have greater distance. Ira bare his thought to Leo. “Leo, let us have a rest for today. We’re already finished our task earlier, and Leaf asked us to spend our rest at his relative’s inn. Leo’s face became brighter after heard his words.

After they slept and ate, Ira led Leo to take little venture on that village. Actually, Leaf have some additional incentives on Leo because she have shown her hard efforts instead of her inexperience on rough tasks. However, he didn’t give money to Leo directly. For some hidden reasons, Leaf encouraged Ira to spend his time with her and buy her anything necessary using this incentives. They walked together in flea market. “Ira, I don’t want to spend this money,” Leo voiced out her opinion. Ira looked at her disinterested face. He knew that she’s just not in her mood about everything. He left her to walk aimlessly by herself. He continued to look around. Leo’s mind wandered of again.

“Princess!!!” Leo was quite shock with a loud shout from crowds. She’s got a cold sweat from that call. “Who’s that? It’s been a long time, but why has somebody in this village had to recognise me?” She mumbled to herself. Finally, a clear and cute voice already reached her from her back. “Princess, it’s me. Didn’t you remember me?” Slowly, she turned around to look at it’s owner. It’s became weird because she didn’t see anyone around. “Lower your gaze, princess.” Then, she smiled at owner of that voice. She recognised him. “It’s been a long time, Ouranós. You made me scared to death just now.” “You already a grown up, princess.” A kid around his 10 years old that called Ouranós smiled brightly at her. She lower her stance and hugged him, with her tears fell down, without any hesitation. Inside of busy crowds. In front of Ira that just detected her presence among crowds. “Heaven’s child, you met me again. Thank you, my brother.”


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