Little Heart of Princess #16 – I’m the only one

“You’re crazy! You wanted to go through all of that stupid moments again? Without any reward? What?!!!!” Princess Alionora have shouted loudly and glared at him that moment. She slapped him after she listened his next explanation without further ado. After that, that pitiful and thin young man were stripped out from his position as soldier and kicked out from castle.

That memory still lingered in her heart. Memory that burdened her heart so much. Additionally, no one in that castle missed that story, including a humble servant.

Ira looked at a woman that went through crumbled heart multiple times. She sat and seemed lifeless after she met man that received their delivery item. He felt torment to look at his companion anymore. Especially, he knew her exact reason. Reason that led him to pity and fall a little for her. He cannot bare with her condition anymore.


Leo felt shock with that slap. A slap from a man that treated her properly before this, although she didn’t like him that much. “Hey, what’re you doing? I’m hurt!” She felt her cheek in pain after a strong slap from Ira. “What’s wrong with you, Ira? Are you mad? How could a man slap a woman?” Then, she replied his spontaneous action with a strong punch. On cheek, as double payback. She got mad and stood up. Then, she shook his shoulder. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you felt anything when you saw a helpless woman like now? Why?!!!!!!! Tell me!” She shouted and cried her heart out.

Ira, a man that has just punched by a heartbroken woman, smiled at her. “It’s your fault. But, it’s fine already. Let’s go, Leo.” He offered his hand to Leo. She grabbed his hand with a confused expression. Weird. Ira giggled. ” Don’t think too much, Leo. You should think about me only. For now, we’re friends, right?”


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