Little Heart of Princess #14 – Puppeteer & Her Piggybanks

“Dear, how about that kid now?” A mother asked her husband about their daughter in their room balcony. “Who knows, Lea. I hope that boy don’t become one of her puppet like them. If he become one, then I don’t know what to do anymore, Lea.”

Once upon a time ago, a wealthy princess was attracted many kind of men. Especially, her favorite kind, beautiful and handsome men. However, she treated most men as her challenge to spend her free time and make them into her puppets. She was requested multiple challenges for them to fulfill and gave them wealthiness as their rewards. For example, dressed as maids and cleaned whole castle alone, not servants, but maids, walked through crowds using both hands and feet, swam across river and sea, and many bizarre requests. Although most men could get more rewards from her next request, but they normally stopped after one challenge.

After that, that princess has met a brave soldier that matched perfectly with her taste. She’s summoned him into her chamber. He has a harsh look in his eyes when princess called his name. “My my… What with that look, Leo? Do you have anything against me?” That soldier looked angry with her. “What’s wrong with you?” Leo, a sturdy built soldier replied her words. “It’s nothing, Your Highness. Your wish is my command, Your Highness.” She got angry with his way to reply her summon. As punishment, she sent him to help thousands of butchers to slaughter domestic livestock for a whole year. When he went back from his mission, she summoned him into her chamber again. He’s worn out.  That sturdy built and nice facial features seemed diminished with his mission too. “Leo, you already finished my request. I’ll reward you. I’ll restore your position too.” Leo with soft look in his eyes, took princess’s hand and kiss it as his gratitude as custom of this country towards royalty. “No, Your Highness. I already received my rewards.”


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