Little Heart of Princess #13 – Friends

“Umm… Just call me that. Leo is fine too.” Later, Ira responded. “I thought that you don’t like that name?” “I don’t like it, but I like your way to call me Leo. It sounds …. fff…fffre……… No! It’s just that I like your way to call that man before in nice manner.” Ira found this princess’s new side. He started his idea to tease her. “Auww, I really thought that you did like to befriend me.” “No! it’s not that, Ira!” Ira replied to her immediate response. “Is that for real? Do you know that friends or lovers have expressed their affection by nicknames. If we’re not friends, then are we…” Alionora shouted louder. “No! No Ira! Fine, we’re friends. It’s really that way!” “Is that your sincere thought?” “Yes, it’s that. I just like your way to express that man like a fre… friend.” She’s less stutter than before. She already ease her nervousness. “It’s fine, Leo.” Ira smiled cheerfully.

Leo took a plate after finished her task to arrange wood pieces. She giggled by herself when she thought about her clumsiness and Ira’s twisted way to make her confessed openly. She saw him in another light. Her anger already faded away. Maybe, her father’s decision was not that terrible anymore. At least, she had a new friend, and not too lost like her previous self. Lost of real path and track of time in that gorgeous palace…. with her beautiful and temporary puppets.


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