Little Heart of Princess #12 – Leo and Ira

“Ira, where should I keep this woods?” Alionora asked him. As instructed, she has finished her work properly as Ira kept watch. “You may stop, Leo. Please feed yourself first. I don’t want my worker collapse during her job.” After she left, he reminded back about his conversation with her before.

” Should I call you Master?” He wanted to laugh as his heart content after he heard her question. Master? Is he crazy? No one dare to let a royal princess to call a commoner as Master. Maybe he will receive heavy punishment by his king later if he find out about this. He chuckled by himself.

“No, my fair lady. It’s true that I’m your owner. However, I won’t dare to degrade yourself that much. At least, you’re from royal family before. Therefore, I won’t call let you call me that way.” Alionora looked at Ira in disbelief. “Is that true? I thought that you could have your way to revenge me because of …” Ira cut her sentence in middle. “No, is not that. Is all about my way to treat another people normally, my lady.” Luckily, he could stop her from speak any further because he could die from embarrassment if she express her thought completely. “I meant it.” Then, he continued his conversation after his heart was calmed again.

“Just call me Ira, my lady. Just call me in normal way. That is better than Master. When you asked me like this, what should I call you, my lady? You knew that I can’t express yourself as Your Highness like before, or my lady like now because of our current position. I’ve informed that you do not favor Leo’s name.” Alionora looked at Ira with discontent look. In other hand, her heart was admitted with Ira’s reasoning.


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