Little Heart of Princess #15 – Last Puppet

“I already received my reward, Your Highness.” He kissed back of her hand gently and smiled softly with a hearty look.

“Leo! Leo! What’re you doing right now?” Ira yelled from outside of barn. She woke up from her daydream and brought out a toolbox. “Darn, that name’s sting.” She muttered by herself. “Let’s go to Leaf’s home. He’s waiting.” They rode a horse to there. Ira pulled his horse into Leaf’s backyard and left Leo knocked Leaf’s door. That door was pulled from inside and Leaf’s face became brighter when he looked at her face. “Hey, it’s that you, Leo? You’re smell nice and look better.” Leo bowed a little to show her respect. “It’s alright, Leo. We don’t have any formality, here. Treat me like a friend.” Ira just arrived and looked at Leaf’s awkward smile. He understood that feeling before. “Leaf, what should we doing later?” Ira asked him to overcome awkward situation.

“Ira, why should we do this labor work?” Leo breathed hardly with heavy sweat on her face. Ira’s face was worst than her. “We have to, Leo. We must pay back his good deed towards us. Two days before, Leaf finished built their new house around barn area with some rooms. As payment, they have to work twice harder around 2 months. “But, why we have to pull a full cart of smelly dung?” Leo’s asked him back. “Why did you asked most trivial job? How could we bear with poo’s smell for two months?” Ira laughed dryly. He cannot thought of anything anymore. As castle servant (before),  he always ran from this kind of task. However, it’s opposite with his benefactor. He must pay back with any job willingly. And with his tear in his eyes. They have to pull because Leaf already used his horses and cows to deliver all fishes stocks to neighbor villages. Around a week before they could complete those 2 months, Leaf was instructed them to deliver dung cart into his client in town. After they arrived at their location with worst appearance and smell, Leo called Leaf’s client from a house. A beautiful lady in her 40 was shown her face. “Oooo, young girl, did you brought those things here with your husband? Both of you are hardworking. How about I let you and him have a shower in my house. Ooo, it’s already evening. You could stay here for a night too before you go back to your village. No, you have to. I have a perfect room for both of you. Let me and your husband handle the rest, you should wait inside and use bathroom after my son.” Leo wanted to refuse her offer, but she have been pushed gently inside by that lady. “Let me take that offer then.” She spoke by herself. She wanted to check location of bathroom. When she’s in front of bathroom, suddenly, bathroom door was opened. A man walked out with his wet hair from there and seemed surprised a bit with her presence. He looked at a smelly girl like dung with sweat, worn out, and messed up dry hair. “Oooo, you’re the one that deliver Leaf’s fertilizer, right? Please use this bathroom. He said that he sent two people to deliver that. It’s like before with another persons.” Leo looked at him intently and cannot hide her surprise. She’s froze. This man felt little familiar with her face when he saw her face closer. “Wait, have we met before?”

“No, you didn’t!” Leo felt her hand pulled by another person. “And she’s my wife! We’re leaving!” Ira’s pulled Leo’s hand outside of that house. He brought Leo quite far from that place and stopped. Leo’s trembled and her knees became weak until she fell down.


Little Heart of Princess #14 – Puppeteer & Her Piggybanks

“Dear, how about that kid now?” A mother asked her husband about their daughter in their room balcony. “Who knows, Lea. I hope that boy don’t become one of her puppet like them. If he become one, then I don’t know what to do anymore, Lea.”

Once upon a time ago, a wealthy princess was attracted many kind of men. Especially, her favorite kind, beautiful and handsome men. However, she treated most men as her challenge to spend her free time and make them into her puppets. She was requested multiple challenges for them to fulfill and gave them wealthiness as their rewards. For example, dressed as maids and cleaned whole castle alone, not servants, but maids, walked through crowds using both hands and feet, swam across river and sea, and many bizarre requests. Although most men could get more rewards from her next request, but they normally stopped after one challenge.

After that, that princess has met a brave soldier that matched perfectly with her taste. She’s summoned him into her chamber. He has a harsh look in his eyes when princess called his name. “My my… What with that look, Leo? Do you have anything against me?” That soldier looked angry with her. “What’s wrong with you?” Leo, a sturdy built soldier replied her words. “It’s nothing, Your Highness. Your wish is my command, Your Highness.” She got angry with his way to reply her summon. As punishment, she sent him to help thousands of butchers to slaughter domestic livestock for a whole year. When he went back from his mission, she summoned him into her chamber again. He’s worn out.  That sturdy built and nice facial features seemed diminished with his mission too. “Leo, you already finished my request. I’ll reward you. I’ll restore your position too.” Leo with soft look in his eyes, took princess’s hand and kiss it as his gratitude as custom of this country towards royalty. “No, Your Highness. I already received my rewards.”

Little Heart of Princess #13 – Friends

“Umm… Just call me that. Leo is fine too.” Later, Ira responded. “I thought that you don’t like that name?” “I don’t like it, but I like your way to call me Leo. It sounds …. fff…fffre……… No! It’s just that I like your way to call that man before in nice manner.” Ira found this princess’s new side. He started his idea to tease her. “Auww, I really thought that you did like to befriend me.” “No! it’s not that, Ira!” Ira replied to her immediate response. “Is that for real? Do you know that friends or lovers have expressed their affection by nicknames. If we’re not friends, then are we…” Alionora shouted louder. “No! No Ira! Fine, we’re friends. It’s really that way!” “Is that your sincere thought?” “Yes, it’s that. I just like your way to express that man like a fre… friend.” She’s less stutter than before. She already ease her nervousness. “It’s fine, Leo.” Ira smiled cheerfully.

Leo took a plate after finished her task to arrange wood pieces. She giggled by herself when she thought about her clumsiness and Ira’s twisted way to make her confessed openly. She saw him in another light. Her anger already faded away. Maybe, her father’s decision was not that terrible anymore. At least, she had a new friend, and not too lost like her previous self. Lost of real path and track of time in that gorgeous palace…. with her beautiful and temporary puppets.

Little Heart of Princess #12 – Leo and Ira

“Ira, where should I keep this woods?” Alionora asked him. As instructed, she has finished her work properly as Ira kept watch. “You may stop, Leo. Please feed yourself first. I don’t want my worker collapse during her job.” After she left, he reminded back about his conversation with her before.

” Should I call you Master?” He wanted to laugh as his heart content after he heard her question. Master? Is he crazy? No one dare to let a royal princess to call a commoner as Master. Maybe he will receive heavy punishment by his king later if he find out about this. He chuckled by himself.

“No, my fair lady. It’s true that I’m your owner. However, I won’t dare to degrade yourself that much. At least, you’re from royal family before. Therefore, I won’t call let you call me that way.” Alionora looked at Ira in disbelief. “Is that true? I thought that you could have your way to revenge me because of …” Ira cut her sentence in middle. “No, is not that. Is all about my way to treat another people normally, my lady.” Luckily, he could stop her from speak any further because he could die from embarrassment if she express her thought completely. “I meant it.” Then, he continued his conversation after his heart was calmed again.

“Just call me Ira, my lady. Just call me in normal way. That is better than Master. When you asked me like this, what should I call you, my lady? You knew that I can’t express yourself as Your Highness like before, or my lady like now because of our current position. I’ve informed that you do not favor Leo’s name.” Alionora looked at Ira with discontent look. In other hand, her heart was admitted with Ira’s reasoning.