Little Heart of Princess #9 – Weird and awkward, what else?

A woman that seemed out of place with her awkward behaviour and stood out with her smell, based on his insight. He really believed with his new neighbour explanation about her.

That woman, whom did he hire to do her job as her life lesson, had shut her mouth all of time. She just followed her companions to collect fishes and mimicked every action. Too much. If he wipe his sweat, she will do it too. Too awkward. That’s why he thought that his neighbour was a weirdo. Who had any thought to hire an unskilled person as his assistant? Especially as lazy and smelly woman as her. But, that weirdo did his job splendidly. His cooking was good too.

“Leaf, thanks for hire us for a job like this. As your temporary workers.” Ira met him and showed his appreciative gesture. “It’s fine. You did finish your job. Good job for your assistant too.” Leaf smiled. “How about you, Leo?” She just nodded slightly without any expression. Another weird gesture that quite rude but matched perfectly with her terrible appearance. “How about both of you take this food too, as bonus for your hard work?” Ira looked at Leaf and took his offer.

Ira and Alionora left that lake with a horse to their home. Then, Alionora took her portion from Ira, and ate slowly without any sound. Ira felt glad that their new neighbour looked for assistant to collect and divide fishes, that way, Ira could create an opportunity for her to eat without direct approach, which meant as escape route for both of them, with their own constraints. When he wanted to open his food container, Alionora looked at him with a questionable expression. Ira realized with that condition. Finally, she opened her mouth. “Why did you call me as Leo? Am I that similar to that kind of animal?”


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