Little Heart of Princess #11 – Leo’s Master

“No one would like to look at you as a warrior in your condition. A proud knight wouldn’t act as low as your current self.” Ira gave his thought about Alionora’s opinion. She dissatisfied with his words. “Why? Please give me your opinion.” Ira looked at her curious reaction. He didn’t really want to say anything. “How about you look about yourself? About your hair? Your clothes? Your body? Your energy? Your spirit?” Alionora, or introduced as Leo, was speechless by his feedback. He stood up. A few dishes and some food waste was collected too. He took them altogether, and he intended to wash dishes and do some clean up later. When he tried to leave, he felt his trousers was pulled a bit by something from behind. The one that stopped his leg from further movement was her. Ira did see her action. He just stood in silence. Alionora could not see his expression right then. She knew that Ira felt uncomfortable with her since their first met. But, she still didn’t want to let him go. “What should I call you? Before this, you’re not my personal servant, it’s normal that I didn’t know everything about yourself. I’ll call you as you wish… Mmm maasster. Should I call you Master? As lowest position as commoner right now, I’m not useful, nor I’m doing a fine job.” Alionora forced herself to speak bluntly in front of unfamiliar face. Actually, she didn’t feel alright about her way to express others, after she heard some of Leaf and Ira conversations. Unlike her position as royalty, that had some formalities and gave orders, commoners could express each other in familiar way although that was their first meeting and hired people easily by asking directly.


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