Little Heart of Princess #10 – Leo

Finally, she did it! By herself. She thought that her action for that day should deserved some awards, or compliments. Indeed! She walked away from bathing room to that small barn with confidence and excessive proud. A normal people shouldn’t call that as extraordinary.

Ira, an ill-fated man for a few weeks, lately, looked at that ex-princess out of pity. He knew about her reasons for that overreactions. As a castle servant, he already learnt about all kind of royalties behaviours, including Alionora. He remembered about their conversation yesterday.

“Why did you call me as Leo? Am I that similar to that kind of animal? I meant, a lion?” Everyone in this continent knew that Leo was a sign of zodiacs. However… “I could call you anything as my wish. That’s my job as a master.” Ira spoke his heart content without any filter. Then, he realized about his slip of tongue and looked at her reaction. Her face showed a sign “I didn’t care at all” ease his heart a little. “But, I do care about that name. Why was Leo? That was a male name. At least, I was not a male in behaviour.

Ira recalled his main reason. His uncalled first meeting with Leaf led to his nearly spontaneous and short sighted decision. “Who is your assistant name, Ira? You still did not tell me her name.” Leaf’s question forced him to create a fake name for that officially ex-princess. He couldn’t tell him her true name because that way will reveal her real identity sooner than expected, especially when they tried to mingle with countryside people more slowly and naturally. “And she looked so messed up and filthy for some reasons. Did she’s really your farm assistant? I thought she’s laze around. She seems like that.” Ira felt shameful for Alionora’s laziness. Additionally, that kind of comment was came out from their first meeting, sincerely from a countryside man. “Please let her be. She’s just came from town, and our bathroom still needed some maintenance.” That was some excuses. Like to laze around and full of pride. She didn’t act like a normal human anymore, but didn’t want to lead by another people. It’s better to take care of any animal than a people like that. Therefore, eureka! He got his idea to call Alionora’s fake name. Shortened any syllable of her name had led him to think for options. How about we call her as Al? Too typical for an abnormal commoner. Nora? It’s meaning quite similar to her original name, as her identity should be hidden completely. Finally, he got no choice, with that syllable, quite perfect with her pride. “Leo”. No one could think to call a woman as Leo. As that syllable could pronounce as similar as her original name without trace by anyone. At least for a few months.

“You’re a rude man. You gave me a male name, to mock me, right? I wouldn’t mind about that, but please think properly about our surrounding. They will think of me as some kind of warrior, or anything like that.”


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