Little Heart of Princess #8 – New neighbour!

“I’m hungry…” Alionora spoke by herself. “Should I take that food right now without any concern, or should I ask him first? No way!” Her own pride won’t let her against her hunger. Right now, to suppress her hunger, she continued to sleep again. She thought that ask for something from her ex-servant was more humiliating. It’s been 5 days without food. She already dreamed to die with empty stomach later.

Ira remembered about his promise with king about let her act first. However, he observed princess’s condition continuously and made a conclusion. If he never do anything, she will die sooner. Ira knew about her skyrocketed pride. He knew most matters about her. He knew that her silence as sign of her fight and protest. If he offer food to her, he will lose. Then, king’s plan will fail. Too early failure was his last option.

Suddenly, a young man called for him in front of his barn. His look was above average. “Yes, may I help you?” That young man had a bright smile, who gave off a countryside vibe. “I heard from my fellows about a guy with a large land and a small barn for a while. Now, I thought that I’m first person from this area that come to greet you as neighbour personally. I stayed at 5 miles from here, a small cabin near lake.” Ira received his handshake. “Could you tell me your name? I’m Ira.” “Call me Leaf. How about that lady inside that barn?” “Her name is … Leaf, shall we have tea? My treat.”



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