Little Heart of Princess #7 – Felt Burdened

“Ira, I would like to appoint a young man like yourself as Princess’s official attendant. But, your position will not officially announce until you fulfill that role.” Ira just listened king’s direct order when he bowed his head. “Young man, I’ll give you chance to speak now, because you won’t get this chance after this,” king gave opportunity to Ira to express his opinion. Ira seemed speechless and his head clearly blank when he raised his head.

“Your Majesty, I don’t want to against your choice, but why a humble and poor servant like me got opportunity to execute your wish?” King looked at obviously confused facial expression of him and smiled. “I thought a princess’s admirer like yourself could be happy to get this chance?” Ira shocked by king’s reply. He got terrified suddenly. He bowed his head in shame and regret. “Forgive me, Your Majesty! I did a grave sin towards princess!” King heard his plead and laughed. “Ira, I didn’t know that you won’t realize about people in my position will know every palace matter, including hidden letter to my dearest daughter. Please don’t worry too much about that letter. I won’t mad about simple message like that instead of princess’s condition. Princess had little reaction to its content rather than another matters. I would be glad to receive your help directly. At least, your words could move her heart a little. How about your action? I really wonder about that young man.” King’s explanation eased his heart. Then, he received instructions and conditions from king directly, with heavy payback if he fail to do so.

Ira was remember about that day of his history. Who knows, a simple flowery letter to princess could burden his heart too much.


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