Music box

Call my name

Through any distance

This heart will flutter

Feel some bashful

sudden blushed cheeks.

Write me at least one line

Anything is fine

your name on that letter

as postman’s sparkle magic

enchant my bright smile.

Your voice, your word,

spell me winding keys

melodise my joy dancing

miraculously resonating

love notes~

Title: Music box

Created by: GH

Date Created: 1st March 2015


Little Heart of Princess #11 – Leo’s Master

“No one would like to look at you as a warrior in your condition. A proud knight wouldn’t act as low as your current self.” Ira gave his thought about Alionora’s opinion. She dissatisfied with his words. “Why? Please give me your opinion.” Ira looked at her curious reaction. He didn’t really want to say anything. “How about you look about yourself? About your hair? Your clothes? Your body? Your energy? Your spirit?” Alionora, or introduced as Leo, was speechless by his feedback. He stood up. A few dishes and some food waste was collected too. He took them altogether, and he intended to wash dishes and do some clean up later. When he tried to leave, he felt his trousers was pulled a bit by something from behind. The one that stopped his leg from further movement was her. Ira did see her action. He just stood in silence. Alionora could not see his expression right then. She knew that Ira felt uncomfortable with her since their first met. But, she still didn’t want to let him go. “What should I call you? Before this, you’re not my personal servant, it’s normal that I didn’t know everything about yourself. I’ll call you as you wish… Mmm maasster. Should I call you Master? As lowest position as commoner right now, I’m not useful, nor I’m doing a fine job.” Alionora forced herself to speak bluntly in front of unfamiliar face. Actually, she didn’t feel alright about her way to express others, after she heard some of Leaf and Ira conversations. Unlike her position as royalty, that had some formalities and gave orders, commoners could express each other in familiar way although that was their first meeting and hired people easily by asking directly.

Little Heart of Princess #10 – Leo

Finally, she did it! By herself. She thought that her action for that day should deserved some awards, or compliments. Indeed! She walked away from bathing room to that small barn with confidence and excessive proud. A normal people shouldn’t call that as extraordinary.

Ira, an ill-fated man for a few weeks, lately, looked at that ex-princess out of pity. He knew about her reasons for that overreactions. As a castle servant, he already learnt about all kind of royalties behaviours, including Alionora. He remembered about their conversation yesterday.

“Why did you call me as Leo? Am I that similar to that kind of animal? I meant, a lion?” Everyone in this continent knew that Leo was a sign of zodiacs. However… “I could call you anything as my wish. That’s my job as a master.” Ira spoke his heart content without any filter. Then, he realized about his slip of tongue and looked at her reaction. Her face showed a sign “I didn’t care at all” ease his heart a little. “But, I do care about that name. Why was Leo? That was a male name. At least, I was not a male in behaviour.

Ira recalled his main reason. His uncalled first meeting with Leaf led to his nearly spontaneous and short sighted decision. “Who is your assistant name, Ira? You still did not tell me her name.” Leaf’s question forced him to create a fake name for that officially ex-princess. He couldn’t tell him her true name because that way will reveal her real identity sooner than expected, especially when they tried to mingle with countryside people more slowly and naturally. “And she looked so messed up and filthy for some reasons. Did she’s really your farm assistant? I thought she’s laze around. She seems like that.” Ira felt shameful for Alionora’s laziness. Additionally, that kind of comment was came out from their first meeting, sincerely from a countryside man. “Please let her be. She’s just came from town, and our bathroom still needed some maintenance.” That was some excuses. Like to laze around and full of pride. She didn’t act like a normal human anymore, but didn’t want to lead by another people. It’s better to take care of any animal than a people like that. Therefore, eureka! He got his idea to call Alionora’s fake name. Shortened any syllable of her name had led him to think for options. How about we call her as Al? Too typical for an abnormal commoner. Nora? It’s meaning quite similar to her original name, as her identity should be hidden completely. Finally, he got no choice, with that syllable, quite perfect with her pride. “Leo”. No one could think to call a woman as Leo. As that syllable could pronounce as similar as her original name without trace by anyone. At least for a few months.

“You’re a rude man. You gave me a male name, to mock me, right? I wouldn’t mind about that, but please think properly about our surrounding. They will think of me as some kind of warrior, or anything like that.”

Little Heart of Princess #9 – Weird and awkward, what else?

A woman that seemed out of place with her awkward behaviour and stood out with her smell, based on his insight. He really believed with his new neighbour explanation about her.

That woman, whom did he hire to do her job as her life lesson, had shut her mouth all of time. She just followed her companions to collect fishes and mimicked every action. Too much. If he wipe his sweat, she will do it too. Too awkward. That’s why he thought that his neighbour was a weirdo. Who had any thought to hire an unskilled person as his assistant? Especially as lazy and smelly woman as her. But, that weirdo did his job splendidly. His cooking was good too.

“Leaf, thanks for hire us for a job like this. As your temporary workers.” Ira met him and showed his appreciative gesture. “It’s fine. You did finish your job. Good job for your assistant too.” Leaf smiled. “How about you, Leo?” She just nodded slightly without any expression. Another weird gesture that quite rude but matched perfectly with her terrible appearance. “How about both of you take this food too, as bonus for your hard work?” Ira looked at Leaf and took his offer.

Ira and Alionora left that lake with a horse to their home. Then, Alionora took her portion from Ira, and ate slowly without any sound. Ira felt glad that their new neighbour looked for assistant to collect and divide fishes, that way, Ira could create an opportunity for her to eat without direct approach, which meant as escape route for both of them, with their own constraints. When he wanted to open his food container, Alionora looked at him with a questionable expression. Ira realized with that condition. Finally, she opened her mouth. “Why did you call me as Leo? Am I that similar to that kind of animal?”

Little Heart of Princess #8 – New neighbour!

“I’m hungry…” Alionora spoke by herself. “Should I take that food right now without any concern, or should I ask him first? No way!” Her own pride won’t let her against her hunger. Right now, to suppress her hunger, she continued to sleep again. She thought that ask for something from her ex-servant was more humiliating. It’s been 5 days without food. She already dreamed to die with empty stomach later.

Ira remembered about his promise with king about let her act first. However, he observed princess’s condition continuously and made a conclusion. If he never do anything, she will die sooner. Ira knew about her skyrocketed pride. He knew most matters about her. He knew that her silence as sign of her fight and protest. If he offer food to her, he will lose. Then, king’s plan will fail. Too early failure was his last option.

Suddenly, a young man called for him in front of his barn. His look was above average. “Yes, may I help you?” That young man had a bright smile, who gave off a countryside vibe. “I heard from my fellows about a guy with a large land and a small barn for a while. Now, I thought that I’m first person from this area that come to greet you as neighbour personally. I stayed at 5 miles from here, a small cabin near lake.” Ira received his handshake. “Could you tell me your name? I’m Ira.” “Call me Leaf. How about that lady inside that barn?” “Her name is … Leaf, shall we have tea? My treat.”


Little Heart of Princess #7 – Felt Burdened

“Ira, I would like to appoint a young man like yourself as Princess’s official attendant. But, your position will not officially announce until you fulfill that role.” Ira just listened king’s direct order when he bowed his head. “Young man, I’ll give you chance to speak now, because you won’t get this chance after this,” king gave opportunity to Ira to express his opinion. Ira seemed speechless and his head clearly blank when he raised his head.

“Your Majesty, I don’t want to against your choice, but why a humble and poor servant like me got opportunity to execute your wish?” King looked at obviously confused facial expression of him and smiled. “I thought a princess’s admirer like yourself could be happy to get this chance?” Ira shocked by king’s reply. He got terrified suddenly. He bowed his head in shame and regret. “Forgive me, Your Majesty! I did a grave sin towards princess!” King heard his plead and laughed. “Ira, I didn’t know that you won’t realize about people in my position will know every palace matter, including hidden letter to my dearest daughter. Please don’t worry too much about that letter. I won’t mad about simple message like that instead of princess’s condition. Princess had little reaction to its content rather than another matters. I would be glad to receive your help directly. At least, your words could move her heart a little. How about your action? I really wonder about that young man.” King’s explanation eased his heart. Then, he received instructions and conditions from king directly, with heavy payback if he fail to do so.

Ira was remember about that day of his history. Who knows, a simple flowery letter to princess could burden his heart too much.