Little Heart of Princess #6 – Ex-princess and ex-servant – Nothing to do

“I’m not a pet or an item, why should I’ve owner?” that ex-princess thought by herself. In a small barn on a deserted land. She wondered about her father’s action that had stripped her royal status and made her become an ex-castle servant’s belonging. “Father is cruel  towards me as his daughter. Maybe I’m his burden and I’m not his real daughter. What else?” She’s lied down in that barn for 3 whole days without any action.

Ira, that appointed master, just cooked something outside of that barn. He left Alionora alone with her thought. Unlike her, Ira seemed calm and did his best to gather as many resources available around that land because they just moved there. Although king already appointed him as his princess’s owner in disguise, he didn’t has any clues about what should he do to make Alionora become a normal princess again, or at least a normal person. He just left that task first to prepare their life in that unknown location.

Finally, Alionora’s stomach felt grumbled. People won’t survived by breathing only. She didn’t said any words with him at all. But, her hunger was more powerful. After stood up from straws in that barn, she took a peek from barn entrance into Ira’s prepared food around bonfire. Simple cuisines yet delicious. Ira awared, but feigned ignorance. He still remembered about one of king’s secret orders.

Let that person acted first


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