Little Heart of Princess #5 – Messed up princess

“Royal decree?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who dared to instruct a commoner to do royal decree like this, father?” Pyjamas princess screamed furiously in throne room, in front of king and queen. Luckily, no nobles, aristocrats, or any guest attended.

King looked at his messed up daughter for a first time in a few months. Queen seemed shocked with her daughter loudness after a while. “My daughter, if you may wish any explanation regarding to any of formal matters, should you prepare yourself first?” Unsatisfied with king reply accordingly, she said something. “What is formality regarding to this matter? Since when a king could order a commoner to become a master of any royal member? I’m not a slave, father! Do you want to tarnish my position?” King has laughed loudly. “You already tarnished, my daughter. Look at yourself in mirror now. Look at your smelly hair, body, and clothes. No one would differentiate you with any slave in streets, and you’re worse than them. How could a royal member is useful to country when she used her whole time in chamber without doing anything? However, I’m shocked that you’re still bother about royal title with your position.” Queen sympathized of her daughter. She did nothing. No one could read her expression right then. Her daughter tried to give her plead look to her, but nothing changed. “Mother, do something! Why should I become a slave for this simple matter? How spiteful!” Queen stood from her place and touched her daughter’s cheeks with her palms. “Mother…” Princess’s voice softened. “I couldn’t against any royal decree, Alionora. Tell your mother, Alionora, how should I stop this absolute order?”


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