Little Heart of Princess #2 – Wasted princess

“A shut in princess is not a good news.” “What’s wrong with Her Royal Highness?”

Indeed, those words spread out in a blink of an eye. King and queen had their tough time with their single daughter. “Dear, what will happen to our child?” Queen expressed her thought. King listened to her, but he didn’t knew what to do by himself. “I don’t think, all this may relate by her status as adopted child, dear, because she knew it already.” Her Majesty frowned at her husband’s feedback. So, both parents didn’t have any idea at all. Blank insight.

The princess created her own world in her room. Sometimes, her maids heard of her talking by herself. Sometimes, they heard laughter, grieve and song from that closed door. One of servants was ordered by king to open that door. But, he hesitated (because of princess’s anger was most terrified, by whole castle’s community). King was detected his uneasiness. Then, His Majesty called that servant to come over to his chamber personally and whispered something to him. Queen didn’t knew about their discussion at all. What’s going on after this? To be continued~~~ Lol…


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