Little Heart of Princess #3 – Friendship Request

“Dear Princess,

I hope I can become your friend. But, I knew that you’re interested with somebody for their look and figure. I couldn’t offer both at all, but I could offer my friendship and heart to be with you, come rain or shine. At least, we can spend some times for chatting, joking or eating with you, free of charge. You can mad at me, perhaps to love me (joking), or anything else, anytime as you wish. Without any fee too. However, if you willingly to spend your money, you may spend it to treat me any good feast, or to travel around continent to have fun. Together, indeed. Why do you think that I’ve interested to become your friend? I don’t really know about it. It just my instinct. Maybe we can discover it together later as friends. If you don’t interested to become my friend, I can accept it, because that’s just the way you are. Please send your reply to me through same messenger, if you are interested. If I don’t receive any, I could understand your intention clearly. Don’t let my request weighing your heart. Just follow your heart. Nice to meet you, Your Highness.

Yours sincerely,

-Humble Bee-”

For a long time, that little princess was laying on her bed and read that letter many times. Maybe, she became like that because of no one had talked or sent her a message like this, at least once in her life. Seriously, that was quite a shock for a noble blood that using money for all matters. This letter was still unknown to another souls including her parents. For first time in her life, she didn’t told this matter to her beloved parents. She just wanted to keep this matter to herself. For first time. -To be continued-


Little Heart of Princess #2 – Wasted princess

“A shut in princess is not a good news.” “What’s wrong with Her Royal Highness?”

Indeed, those words spread out in a blink of an eye. King and queen had their tough time with their single daughter. “Dear, what will happen to our child?” Queen expressed her thought. King listened to her, but he didn’t knew what to do by himself. “I don’t think, all this may relate by her status as adopted child, dear, because she knew it already.” Her Majesty frowned at her husband’s feedback. So, both parents didn’t have any idea at all. Blank insight.

The princess created her own world in her room. Sometimes, her maids heard of her talking by herself. Sometimes, they heard laughter, grieve and song from that closed door. One of servants was ordered by king to open that door. But, he hesitated (because of princess’s anger was most terrified, by whole castle’s community). King was detected his uneasiness. Then, His Majesty called that servant to come over to his chamber personally and whispered something to him. Queen didn’t knew about their discussion at all. What’s going on after this? To be continued~~~ Lol…