Little Heart of Princess #1 – A little extravagant princess’s story

Once upon a time ago, a young and little princess from a small country that was synonym with an underdeveloped country had many exquisite habits… One of hers was seeking for every handsome and brilliant man or boy in her country, or her neighbour countries. As our expectation, she won’t made them as her escorts (or known as boyfriends). She could spent her time, at most for a few months with many bizarre requests (author will leave it to your imagination, but believe me, that bizarre things were not fun at all) and rewarded them handsomely after the end of their nightmares. However, after a few years, she’s getting bored with her weird hobby. Then, she locked herself in her chamber. Her guardians, king and queen were getting worried about their adopted daughter. Furthermore, their little princess stopped all of her exquisite habits too. She won’t bath, eat her meal properly, and many more (as conclusion, she stopped to do everything, at least to live as a human being). The king have expressed his worry to his advisers. – The conclusion is – to be continued! Don’t be mad at me, smile~~ ^_^