Not Give In to Temptation

A kiss
cannot silence the reality,
cannot hide how ugly,
that twisted heart…

-GH: Not Give In to Temptation, 13th October-


It’s not love

I don’t feel love

but I do feel hurt

see yourself seems like wrong

when things no wrong~

I don’t think it’s love

but your eyes getting sharp

give me the most wanted sight

just like that I’ll satisfy…

Title: It’s not love

Created by: GH

Date Created: 9th August 2012

Breeze and Moon

I feel comfortable

When breeze touched my cheek

In the night of a loner

Walking slowly


Since I’m not in your heart

why don’t you leave me

please let me go

cut my hope now.


walking alone in night is fine


Title: Breeze and Moon

Created by: GH

Date Created: 24th January 2013

Your Promise and My Heart

Part 1



Don’t lie

Don’t make me cry

Don’t dare you try

Don’t wish me die

Don’t start to defy 

and give me a bright sky~~~ 


Part 2


I should get award

If I could cry out my heart

by whatever to guard

I barely kept it inside.



don’t make things more hard

my mind about to break apart

my vision become more dark

and please

don’t lighten my heart,

with more love sparks~


Lyric Title: Your Promise and My Heart

Lyric writer: GH

Date Completed: 1st July 2013


one heart is not enough

to contain overflowing love

for the rest of my life


I hope

my heart is strong enough

to face any trial

if my answer is absolute~



once in a while

this heart is skip a beat


Overflow, GH, 14th Sept 2013

Please Don’t Change


I admire your pure soul

Your eyes are bright

Your mind, brilliantly sparks


You always be your true self

Given with kindness

Granted with righteous

Nothing to compare enough

Such a nothingness like me


I do think

my heart is made of cold steel

My mind is full of negative charges

or my soul is always cloudy…



I never want

your shine and warmth

to fade away

and become like me…



Date Written: 30 August 2013

Written by: GH