Melody Remedy

Story teller part: Still in sleeping position in a free wide area

“I’ve been a long deep sleep

I’ve been living in peace

in a beautiful garden

with the sun shines brightly”


Singer part: Suddenly, a beautiful voice occured.

“Oooo my dear”


Story teller part: Still sleeping, but the lips started to smile. Camera focus on story teller face and ears area.


this song is so lovable

it shakes my peace heart

suddenly, it wakes me up”


Story teller part: Slowly opened the eyes. After wake up, story teller looked around.

Why when you’re singing

You can’t look at me

I’m longing for this song

you must be around


Singer part: Story teller met singer, but singer pushed story teller away.



Story teller part: Story teller is caught by unknown ropes. Singer still walking around story teller. Story teller’s face slowly changes and getting pale. Then, story teller seems weak.


don’t fooling around

Don’t shakes my peace

Leave me in my own world


I hope somebody

will give me hand

I fall for this  poisonous melody

but I can’t find the remedy


Why when you’re singing

You can’t even look at me

This melody causes me hurt

Nothing can stop this injury


Singer part: Helds a knife, trying to stab story teller

“Sorry angel. I’m not your destiny…”


Saver part: Saver kills singer immediately, and gives story teller to drink something. The faint story teller slowly open the eyes.

“I’m glad.”



Title: Melody Remedy

Lyric Writer: GH (

Date created: 13rd June 2012

Date editted: 14th June 2012


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